Welcome to the New World Order,
Where right is right and left is wrong,
Until right goes so far right it’s wrong
And left is left to be right,
As, of course, it was all along.

Welcome to the marvellous present,
Where Trump trumps truth through treason to reason,
But May won’t trump Trump,
As Trump may trump May,
To our disbelieving dismay.

Welcome to the modern world,
Where racists ride with rallying cry,
And Merkel’s murky union’s euthanised
As Brexit wrecks it,
Just as we all expected.

Welcome to World War Three,
Where Kim is King of United Eurasia,
With Putin saluting
As he sticks his boot in,
Defeating our tyrannical democracy.

Welcome to the New World Order,
Where right has might and left is bereft,
Left so long there’s no one left
To right the wrongs and right the right
And all that’s left has left for good.


The Fountainhead

Written to my mother as a testament to my upbringing.


“All you ever wanted:”
A son,
A loyal disciple,
Your little bubbeleh.

You ask me why I hurt,
But you only hear your lies.
All who wander are ghosts to you,
All who wonder are lost.

Your face perverts my past,
Your words blight my future.
My only solace comes
In difference and indifference.

I hope one day you’ll let me rest
With nothing but despair
And the bitter memory of all I once thought true.


This poem was requested by my therapist (T), who asked for any poem about my mother. It is the first serious poem I have written in possibly 7 years (excluding a comical one I wrote for my fiancée), and it reawakened my love of writing poetry.