5 minutes after arriving at work this morning, it was already ‘one of those days’

I’m trying to lose weight at the moment and finding it difficult. Last night, after a relatively good day, I raided our cupboards and found some smarties, marshmallows and a pot of low-calorie jelly. They are no longer in our cupboards.

This morning I woke up hazy, but refused to let myself return to bed after seeing my fiancée off to work. I noticed a strange feeling I associated with my first batch of Huel yesterday (an attempt to both cut my food costs and get some more nutrients into my body alongside trying to lose weight). I didn’t feel like Hueling my breakfast today, so it’s for lunch.

I left for work a few minutes later than normal, but not late. My route takes me past my local tube station then up a normally-busy road, but today it was quiet. The few people there were seemed to be looking at me oddly. ‘This is all in my mind’, I told myself. As I kept walking, I noticed more people glancing. But I was also glancing at them, so clearly it meant nothing. A woman who had been walking behind me jogged to get a few metres in front and then kept walking, every so often glancing behind her. She would have no reason to look back at me, surely? A few minutes later, she jogs on a bit and crosses the road, going down a side-street I’m not taking. She must just be running late.

As I enter my office building, the weird looks seem to continue, but it must be in my head. As I get to my desk, my coworkers are eerily quiet. But it’s a Friday, everybody’s tired! We work writing questions for a quiz show, a certain degree of quiet concentration is necessary. They don’t all hate me. I don’t have something strange on my face. Of course, it’s all in my head.

It’s going to be one of those days, and it’s not going to be a fun experience, especially avoiding my normal comforting carbohydrates.