You’re Hot and I Want You Naked

I have no idea where this came from, I was just trying to be funny. And I was a teenage boy.


I love your birthday suit.
Not quite a suit though is it?
More like your birthday lack-of-suit.
That’s even better.
Do you still have it?
You should wear it on your next birthday.

You’d look great in the Emperor’s new clothes.
They might be a bit big for you though.
I mean the guy was really fat.
Just look at him.
Maybe the tailors did make him real clothes,
He just ate them.

Don’t get me wrong,
You look good in clothes too:
Summer dresses
Blowing in the wind –
My very own Marilyn Monroe.
Just don’t sleep with the President.
Or Frank Sinatra.
I mean… he’s dead.

Could I borrow your birthday-lack-of-suit-downsized-Empress’-new-clothes?
Just for a bit?
I promise I won’t rip them.


Where’s that porn?


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