I went to an expensive boarding school, but not from a rich background. I had always gone to private school, thanks to a lot of hard work from my parents, but I had never particularly enjoyed it, so when I had the opportunity to go to a fancy public school with both a discount and a scholarship, I couldn’t protest, nor could I fit in once I arrived. I made a few good friends, some of whom I still keep 7 years after leaving school, but for the most part I spent 5 years feeling out of place and unwanted.


When I go back to school
I disappear
And a vacuum replaces me.
Ignored by all I sit and stand,
Abhorred by my surroundings.
I try to speak,
My words come out
And your blank faces show me I’ve achieved nothing.
Thank you, friends, for ignoring me so.
I’ll never forget it,
You already have.


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