I am a film lover. I did a degree in Film Studies, I am an aspiring screenwriter and this week I am getting my second tattoo, depicting the origami unicorn from ‘Blade Runner’. It has been one of my very favourite films for years, ever since my father took me to a special ‘Blade Runner’ day at the BFI for my 17th birthday and I saw it on the big screen for the first time. This poem, if my memory is correct, was written shortly after that day, inspired by (and written while listening to) a track on the special edition ‘Blade Runner Trilogy’ soundtrack entitled ‘Piano in an Empty Room’. I’ve embedded the YouTube video of the track below.


A piano stands in an empty room
In grandeur.

Strings taut to resonate,
Hammers poised to fall.

Seen only by a ray of dusty sunlight,
No stool shelters beneath its cool ivory.

Not even piano –



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