Assumed Dignity

My therapist (T) has tried to convince me that this poem betrays my ‘true’ views on the world and expectations of it. It may be very deeply subconsciously, but I remain unconvinced.


She steps into place,
Her heart beating faster than ever before.
She thinks of her loves,
Impatiently waiting out there for her,
Hidden from her view.
She sees the light change
And suddenly she can see,
But is blinded by the glare.
Her mind goes blank
And all she can think of
Are the people staring back at her,
Her lip quivers,
Her breaths shorten,
She trembles
And feels somewhat outside consciousness.

As if treading on glass,
She stumbles forward
Almost to the edge,
Almost falling.
Her mouth opens,
She inhales hastily.

Snapping back into life
She hears the music start,
Kneels to look into their eyes
And feels the first dollar against her waist.


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